How Made Blue Pottery

How Made Blue Pottery

About pottery

Everything that we hold on our hands about ceramic ‘s is the heritage of effort people in the past who spend on it during old historical sets. People who lived in this land called iran to day .actually it is big pleasure to have such history about iran .ceramic`s also remains civilization of culture, folk and tradition’s .pottery , and ceramic include information of subjectivity of people , society ,communication ,folklore and habitat where they were belong .

1.Preparation of white soil

Soil is the main material in pottery and ceramic so that a valuable soil has high circumstance in every steps of pottery. White soil extract from white mountains which is mines of kaolin. those mine are placed “zenus” town which is a small town in east azarbayjan(in iran) .

2. Kaolinite

In order to have white clay in other words kaolinite , the soil should mixed feldspar an minerals ,than water been add little by little until the kaolinite gets ready.

3. Making and shaping by pottery wheel

Shaping body pottery wheel need skills that pottery caches in years.

First of all the clay place on center of turning table ,that it can shape by hands. Next day by wheeling for second time forms sharping with trimming.

When body dried it is better to smoothing it with emery at the next step burnishing by a wet sponge will be very helpful to have clear and smooth surface for decorating and designing or glazing

4.Decorating and glazing

Decorating in pottery has a long history .actually painting is one of the popular ways of decorating in pottery and ceramic’s. designs has inspire by nature clearly. It includes animal’s ,flowers and designs based on nature and environment.


First of on decorating as stereograph …can be applied to designs by brush for several times in order to have thicken all places we need . this technique has flexibility of usage in very small details


Latticed is one of the most beautiful decorating technique on ceramic . Actually it is very thin work and it need concentration and skills this technique apply on unbaked body.


For carving we need to have a wet surface , than it will be possible to crave the body with craving knife . craving tools used in pottery generally are wooden. After glazing craved parts give a transparent look and untouched places will be darker , this contrast has very beautiful effect on whole body.

-Incorporated designing

Incorporated designing is actually a combination of all decorating technique as one. This technique also apply on unbaked body.


5. Firing

After decorating and designing pottery’s are ready to put in electric oven over 900 Centigrade  . After that they will be ready for glazing.


Different kind’s of glaze is exiting in pottery , but very different and unique one is pesian blue glaze . In order to have persian blue color in glazing , copper oxide should add on glaze.


Drowning is best way for apply glaze on body . glaze goes on big sink and it should keep mixing while glazing for surfing all minerals on it . with the other hands pottery drown in and a layer of glaze covers whole body.

8. Backing

Backing done on 1050 centigrade  in electric  kiln

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