About Turquoise

About Turquoise

About Turquoise we are honored to be at the service of people through our products.

enjoy the special energy of the rare and valuable jewel ,turquoise by using our products. turquoise gives you delight and comfort ,which can not be weighed eith any prices scales ,and which can not be valued. we present this gift those endowed with taste and art. the turquoise worked on these post is from neishaboor mines, and is from original neishaboor turquoise ores. our products are quite different from other turquoise-studded works in that they never com off. turquoise is formed of alumina phosphate ,and its color is bluish green. it helps liver and glad malfunctions ,strengthens eyesight ,is effective against ophthalmic diseases ,and regulates blood circulation. it cures sore throats ,inflammation of lungs and diseases in the pulmonary system. turquoise is useful for depression and strengthens the hear.

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